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【色々】 The Place I Store Documents

Good evening!😺


After viewing English videos such as documentaries and vlogs, I check the meaning of the expressions in those videos and I summarize them in word files. I store these documents both in the cloud and on my laptop.


Right now I use two cloud services ― Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. I can use them at no charge. I get 15GB on Drive and 5GB on OneDrive for free. With these cloud services, I can access stored documents from anywhere. Also, these services would help you when you lose the documents on your laptop due to a malfunction.


Moreover, I would like to recommend to you the free software “Air Explorer”, which enables you to move documentseasily between the two clouds, as if you were using two folders on your laptop.


I hope this method helps you with improving your language ability!


Thank you for reading.😺