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【読む】 One method for learning English

Hello! 😺


I think just aimlessly learning English is not good. There are several standardized English tests in my country, but usually their content is boring. I am a bit greedy, so I want to improve myself even while learning English.


The method I frequently use is to find English articles that consist of 2-10 pages that relate to my work.


I am researcher in a company, so I want to find scientific articles. Specifically, the useful method to find articles is using the site Google Scholar, which helps me find scientific articles.


When I enter the keywords of the intended article, I also enter the phrases “filetype:pdf” and “review”. By doing this, I can get a review article related to my work in a PDF format.


I bring the documents into a coffee shop and try to read it at the speed of 1 page per 10 minutes. This method is enjoyable, so I would like to recommend this method to English learners.


Thank you for reading! 😺