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はじめまして。英語の勉強法についてのブログを始めました。 私は日本で育った純日本人です。TOEIC965点、英検一級と工業英検一級を持っています。勉強法を自分の備忘録としてまとめます。他の人に役立つかわかりませんが、訪問いただけるとうれしいです。






Today I had much time, so I decided to share information with you. This theme is very specific, but I would appreciate if you could have time to read this.
Today's theme is “I Ching (易経)”. I Ching is the oldest book of “Five Classics (五経)”. This book says eight elements exist in the world―these elements are heaven, earth, thunder, water, mountain, wind, flame, and lake. You can see four elements out of eight elements on Korean flag. Each element is expressed by three bars, and each bar is either not-broken or broken.
When predicting your fortune using I Ching, a combination of two elements are needed. The easiest method of getting the combination is tossing a coin for six times. The front side of the coin represents a non-broken bar, while the revrse side of the coin represents a broken bar. You stack up the six obtained bars from bottom to top. The upper three bars express one element, and the lower three bars express another element. The combination of the two element is 64 (= 8 × 8) ways. So you can have one fortunetelling out of 64 tellings. 

I recommnd you that you devine your future by yourself, not paying much money to suspicious fortunetellers.
Here is my recommended book.

Thank you for reading!