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はじめまして。英語の勉強法についてのブログを始めました。 私は日本で育った純日本人です。TOEIC965点、英検一級と工業英検一級を持っています。勉強法を自分の備忘録としてまとめます。他の人に役立つかわかりませんが、訪問いただけるとうれしいです。



Today I would like to write my blog in English. Today's theme is how I learn lots of subjects including English, of course. Let me explain it step by step.
1 Understand the book you chose

 The important thing is understand the book you are reading now. Just reading the book is not enough. I usually underline important words and sentences. This enables me to read books more actively.

2 Sort out the points using a PC

 Next, I organize the information I underlined using a PC. Desiging the information using attractive 
fonts and layouts is fun.

3 Carry around the information

 Then, I print it out, microcopy it, and carry around it. This method helps me in learning a variety of topics.

Thank you for reading!😺