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Pros and Cons: Five-day working system is beneficial to students.

Japan employed five-day working system for school children in 2002. Children have two days off a week. I think we should discontinue this system for the following two reasons.

Firstly, academic performance in school children has been decreasing recently. I’ve heard that these days many universities provide supplementary classes in subjects such as basic English and mathematics for university students. School is a precious opportunity for children to establish a foundation in skills such as language and numeracy. 

Secondly, the system promotes a polarization in the children’s intellectual level. This is because the system is only mandated in public schools, while private schools can offer a six-day working system, which usually provides more effective education but at a significant costs. This means wealthy families can send their children to private school. I don't think the education should encourage this sort of division.

In summary, decreasing academic standards in children and the negative consequences of a two tier education system are the two reasons why I believe we should bring an end to the five-day working system.

Thank you for listening.